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Using the conservation of energy, I equated the kinetic energy of the bullet to the potential energy of both the plasticine and bullet, at maximum heht when their kinetic energy is equal to zero: $$mgh = \fracmv^2$$ $$(0.38 (5.2 \cdot 10^))(g)(0.24) = (0.5)(5.2 \cdot 10^)(V^2)$$ $$\therefore V = 18.68 \ m/s$$ What is wrong with my conceptual understanding?

Physics <em>Homework</em> Help Electric Potential <em>Energy</em> - Physics 24/7

Physics Homework Help Electric Potential Energy - Physics 24/7

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Physics <em>Homework</em> Help Electric Potential <em>Energy</em> - Physics 24/7
Vibrating Particle Total Energy Homework Help, Assnment Help.

How long are known and projected supplies of conventional oil expected to last in (a) the world and (b) the United States?Potential and Kinetic Energy - Physics - Science - Homework.

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